Working Hard To Reduce Carbon Emissions From Buildings

Helping Britain catch up with combating carbon emissions & Reducing Energy Usage

Working Hard To Reduce Carbon Emissions From Buildings

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How Britain can catch up with our European counterparts in terms of combating carbon emissions.

The UK is behind other European nations when it comes to how we reduce carbon emissions from buildings. When reinvesting ‘green taxes’ into energy efficiency programs, we’re also lagging behind, according to a report by campaign group Energy Bill Revolution. They say that France, Germany and Lithuania all use the revenues from the European Emissions Trading Scheme and the Carbon Floor Price to insulate homes and workplaces but we do not spend our money as effectively.

One way that Britain can catch up with our European counterparts in terms of combating carbon emissions is through improving our buildings energy efficiency. KTIC Tech is an independent company who provide building compliance services, throughout the UK and Ireland.  As an independent company, the service that they provide is unbiased and they provide professional planning for any survey or project.

Introduction of Certificates to Reduce Carbon Emissions from Buildings

For anybody selling or renting a property, they require by law an Energy Performance Certificate which assesses the energy efficiency of the building, as well as recommending ways to improve energy efficiency. As buildings make up around 40% or more of the total energy we consume, there is a need to make our buildings more energy efficient in order to better protect the environment.

In using government approved software, the EPC Register is in place to assess the construction of a building and inspect its fittings in a non-evasive way.  EPC Testing can only be carried out by trained and accredited assessors, which KTIC provides with its team of energy assessors and surveyors.

Air conditioning energy inspections were also introduced in order to try to reduce energy wastage through the heating and cooling of buildings. Our website is dedicated to our TM44 inspection service and information, you can find more in-depth news and post covering TM44’s here

To find out how you can make the UK more energy efficient visit,

About Us

About Us

KTIC strongly believe that TM44 inspections are an important part of energy efficiency and compliance in the UK. We as a business wanted to give our clients more than just 'compliance'. We are continuously looking for ways to enhance our service and give every building we inspect the opportunity to save energy.


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