TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections for ISO Accreditation

Avoid non-compliance being brought up during an ISO accreditation Audit

TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections for ISO Accreditation

TM44 Inspections part of ISO accreditation checklist
TM44 non-compliance is often brought up during an ISO accreditation Audit. What you need to know before that happens…

Did You Know a TM44 is Part of the ISO Accreditation Requirement?

Over the years we have helped several companies with their TM44 inspections following a non-compliance being brought up during their ISO accreditation Audit. Most times this requirement has come as a surprise to them and they have contacted us in a bit of a panic to try and organise an inspection and gain the certificate and report.

Having looked around we have found that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information readily available to specifically educate companies about the specific requirement for TM44 with regards to ISO Accreditation. Our ethos at KTIC is to help as much as we can to provide the correct and important information with regard to energy efficiency and other building compliance issues.

KTIC Solutions Limited work closely with companies around the UK to provide TM44 air Conditioning inspections and we are also able to support companies with their ISO accreditation applications.

Due to the wide-ranging expertise of our energy assessors and consultants, we can provide the following information to show which parts of the ISO Accreditation Requirements relate to the need for a valid TM44 air conditioning inspection.

These ISO accreditation Requirements relate to legal compliance issues and would also pertain to several compliance issues that KTIC help companies with on a regular basis. Requirements such as Legionella Risk Assessments and TR-19 kitchen extract cleanliness certificates would also be brought up as a requirement under the ISO Accreditation Standards.

Although this article concentrates on the ISO accreditation Requirements, TM44, ACOPL8 and TR-19 are also legally required or required by the Health and Safety Executive to show that companies are not being negligent in their duty of care to staff and members of the public.

TM44 for Iso Accreditation Checklist

Here to Help You Comply with TM44 Inspection Regulations

KTIC Solutions would recommend that companies and their responsible persons should be proactive with regard to TM44 inspections, Water hygiene and Kitchen Extract cleaning.

We understand that these fall into a myriad of other requirements and maintenance issues that facilities/Estates managers and business owners must deal with on a daily basis. We also understand that it is easy for other issues to take precedence over these ones, however, KTIC Solutions are experts at taking the stress and time consumption out of these processes and delivering all services with a minimum of disruption. 

We are always on hand to provide support and information regarding any of the issues such as these from which the requirement for our services arise. If you would like any further information please contact us or visit our website to find more information on a specific requirement

About Us

About Us

KTIC strongly believe that TM44 inspections are an important part of energy efficiency and compliance in the UK. We as a business wanted to give our clients more than just 'compliance'. We are continuously looking for ways to enhance our service and give every building we inspect the opportunity to save energy.


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