What Is An Enhanced TM44 Inspection?

How Standard & Enhanced TM44 Inspections Differ

What Is An Enhanced TM44 Inspection?

Enhanced Tm44 Inspection, Air-conditioning Vent
If you are considering replacing older units or have a genuine interest in reducing your carbon footprint and energy bill then we would recommend that you look into our Enhanced TM44 Inspection.

A standard air conditioning inspection enables your business to comply with UK law for air conditioning systems, KTIC Solutions are happy to provide this service which does provide you with very useful information. However, we find that some clients would like additional information and value built into their reports. If you are considering replacing older units or have a genuine interest in reducing your carbon footprint and energy bill then we would recommend that you look into our Enhanced TM44 Inspection.

An enhanced TM44 report is most beneficial to organisations with large buildings or sites that have a lot of air conditioning systems. It’s also very good for identifying very specific potential savings for companies that operate multiple sites. What is the main difference between the standard and enhanced TM44 inspection? Well, the enhanced TM44 report will give detailed and easily accessible data showing potential energy savings. Moreover, the enhanced report will lay out measures and the specific financial benefits associated with the potential savings.

The Benefits of an Enhanced TM44 Inspection

Enhanced ACI reports offer a range of additional benefits to the TM44 air conditioning inspection process. Along with providing the necessary legal documentation to ensure that your site is compliant with the laws governing the TM44 ACI’s, enhanced reporting will identify real opportunities for carbon reduction and tangible cost savings with regard to energy consumption. These savings are drilled down to the per-unit level.

We work with energy managers from universities to provide enhanced TM44 ACI’s across their buildings portfolio. For example, identified over £300,000.00 in potential cost savings against an annual energy spend of around £700,000.00 for one University. Needless to say, they were very happy with the results and the opportunity to get to work on realising those savings. For a relatively small budgetary outlay energy managers can use KTIC and enhanced reporting to potentially realise large parts of their energy reduction targets with this one report.

KTIC Solutions have a proven track record when it comes to delivering efficient TM44 air conditioning inspection projects. We have ensured compliance for clients that operate in all sectors of private business and the public sector. We believe in catering for our client’s specific needs so if you would like to comply with the TM44 air conditioning legislation then we can deliver on that. If you would like to take an in-depth look at your systems with regards to identifying savings that relate down to each specific unit then Enhanced reporting is for you.

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About Us

About Us

KTIC strongly believe that TM44 inspections are an important part of energy efficiency and compliance in the UK. We as a business wanted to give our clients more than just 'compliance'. We are continuously looking for ways to enhance our service and give every building we inspect the opportunity to save energy.


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